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Manage accounting, inventory, sales and a lot more in one app.

Project Description

mERP is a full featured ERP/accounting system designed to run in an internet environment.mERP goal is to provide a multi-language web-based end-to-end enterprise management tool. With a wide variety of features, mERP is designed to be the accounting and/or bookkeeping system for small to medium sized businesses. mERP is the perfect solution for your company’s accounting needs.

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Key Features

  • Separate Customer and Vendor Account Information
  • Full Inventory Management and Tracking
  • Complete Financial General Ledger Accountability
  • Banking Support and Including Check Writing  
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Flexible Import and Export Capabilities
  • Robust Reporting and Form Capability
  • User Level Security

Customer Features

  • Individual customer credit terms
  • Unlimited shipping and billing addresses
  • Individual sales accounts
  • Receive payments
  • Sales Orders, Invoices

Vendor Features

  • Individual vendor payment terms
  • Unilimed vendor ship from and remit to addresses
  • Individually assignable expense accounts

Inventory Features

  • Handles different types of inventory items
  • Individual inventory cost methods
  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Inventory Stock level management
  • Individually assigned cost accounts for sales
  • Serial number tracking capability

Banking Features

  • Receive payments from customers
  • Pay vendors, write checks directly from mERP
  • Payment manager allow payments of multiple vendors at a time
  • Reconcile receipts/payments with bank statement

Import/Export Features

  • Extensive/programmable export features
  • Allows fields to be processed prior to export
  • Filters allow for selective exporting of just the fields desired
  • Inventory Stock level management
  • Export of customer, vendor, inventory, banking, employee and general ledger data

Multi-Company Features

  • Capable of handling multiple companies with individual databases.
  • New companies can be created through the setup script
  • New companies can be copied from an existing company
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